To make use of a Raspberry Pi or to install an operating system on a newer computer, you'll need to learn how to burn a '.img' file to external storage. The easiest and most preferred method is below:


Required Hardware

  • MicroSD Card - link
  • MicroSD Card USB Adapter - link

    Required Software

  • Etcher - link


    • Insert MicroSD card into MicroSD USB Reader and plug in to computer
    • Unzip .img file
    • Install and open Etcher
    • Click "Select Image" and choose the .img file
    • Click "Select Target" and choose your MicroSD card
    • Click "Flash" and wait...
    • After flashing the .img to your MicroSD card, Etcher will verify the contents
    • When complete, unplug MicroSD card from the computer, then insert into the the destination PC or Raspberry Pi.
    • Easy Peasy!