Picture Photoshopped much more than typical

My personal and professional life were once focused around my work laptop; but as soon as this work from home life started, it was clear that relying exclusively on a 13" MacBook Pro with corporate restrictions wasn't good for my mental and creative health.

My previous desk was purchased from Amazon at the height of everyone looking for home solutions, so options were incredibly limited. Now that things have calmed down a bit, there are quite a few retailers with desks in stock. My unique problem was that the corner of this room was a very specific size, and there wasn't a desk that fit just what I wanted. This is when I unlocked the woodworking shed and brainstormed ideas...

The plan was to assemble a frame using construction pine and tack a butcher block countertop to the top. The countertop was the most expensive part – which brought the grand total to ~$375 and a lengthwise scrape on my forearm.

The "L" part of the desk can be removed if desired

The butcher block lived up to its namesake and was butchered by UPS delivery. Unfortunately, there are holes, scratches, and a giant corner gash that still needs a fix. Most of the issues were focused on the underside, and not noticeable though.

This project also provided an opportunity to use a fancy DeWalt paint sprayer. Those things are easily in my top 10 of the greatest shop tools. They save so much time and, if you do it right, allow you to get a perfectly thin coat over every surface.

As mentioned, there are a few issues that will annoy me, but every project will have its own unique problems. If you don't show off the downsides of your creation, no one but anal-retentive friends will notice. After doing some rudimentary cable management, it's a proper desk and an overall success. 👍