• 80/20 Ground Chuck (grinding your own is a great idea)
  • Hamburger buns (I recommend potato buns)
  • 1 ea. Red Onion
  • 1 ea. Red Tomato
  • 1 ea. Bunch of Lettuce
  • Slices of American Cheese melt best, but choose whatever soft cheese you like
  • Condiments (mustard, ketchup)



  • Pre-heat grill to 450º
  • Form patties into round, flat, hockey pucks
  • Indent the middle of the patty with your thumb
  • Season patties with salt (as close to putting on hot grill as possible)
  • Put beef patties on grill and close lid

// Wait 3 minutes

  • Flip burgers
  • Close lid

// Wait 6 minutes

  • Take burgers off the grill
  • Add cheese
  • Put burger buns on hot grill for 30 seconds to toast
  • Add condiments then eat the perfection that is grilled beef


Words from my mouth hole

When you are a beginner with a grill, there should be only two things you first learn how to cook: hamburgers and steak. So below, I'm sharing the three most important rules you must follow to have any chance at success.

Rule #1: Do not play with food while it cooks!

Leave the burgers alone! What is with the constant need to flip, flip, flip? Put the burger on the grill and just walk away. Read Facebook or ChatSnap or whatever, but once that burger hits the grill, leave it alone!

Rule #2: The grill must be a minimum 450º

A cold grill doesn't cook. Be patient, let your grill come to temp, and don't rush it. However, anything higher than 650º will burn, so keep that grill within a healthy range.

Rule #3: Grill your burger buns too

An even char on the inside of your burger buns makes all the difference. Otherwise, you'll end up with a starchy mess in your mouth that'll ruin all the effort. This also applies to tortillas and hot dog buns.


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