I have a strongth welling (ref) that the majority of new projects on this site will be "daddy" related.

This weekend's project was to make a leprechaun trap, so the kids could find his pot of gold and buy all the toys they could ever want. Actually, that's not true. His school is making him do it.

Although, it's really too bad that LEPRECHAUNS AREN'T REAL! They can't read yet, so whatever.

This build took ~25 minutes + 3D printer time. The box was sliced up from a Costco sparkling water flat after doing some box-makin' math (below). The cardboard frame is mostly held together by Gorilla Tape and friction.

I was going to go all-in on the hangman part to make it look straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie, but I had to keep reminding myself that this is a project for a five-year-old and not something that would be displayed in a fancy art exhibition. That part ended up being made out of some dowels, tightly wound twine, and Crazy Glue.

The ladder and pot of gold weren't designed by me, rather they were lifted from Thingiverse and modified only for their dimensions. A quick-ish print out of color-changing PLA later, and we're good to go.

My son is going to show this off on Tuesday, so hopefully it fits within their requirements. No clue if they get awarded prizes, but my son may be lifted on all the kids shoulders while the teachers fan him and feed him grapes.