• Steak
  • Grill
  • Salt, pepper, cayenne
  • Meat thermometer w/probe (like this one)
  • Maybe a plate, a fork, and a knife if manners are your thing



  • Buy steak (from an actual butcher if possible)
  • When refrigerated, let sit for an hour to bring temp up
  • Pre-heat one side of your grill to maximum fire hotness
  • Season steak well with only salt
  • Shove meat probe deep within prepared cow slab
  • Add steak to “cold side” of grill and close lid
  • Set temp alarm on thermometer for ~126F

// Drink a beer - this should take ~20-30 minutes

  • When meat reaches ~126F, hurl the steak to “hot side” of grill
  • Sear front and back for 1 minute each
  • Sear each side for 20 seconds
  • Take off grill and let rest for 10 minutes

// Nod and smile while vegetarians tell you about "alternative protein"

  • Season to taste with whatever you want to throw at it
  • Add leafy things to the steak plate so other people think you're "well-rounded"


Words from my mouth hole

My favorite cut of steak has always been a NY Strip because it's the much better half of a T-Bone. Do yourself a favor and find a local butcher that will help you pick a good NY cut with some decent fat marbling. Plan on grilling it within a day or two for best results.


Bonus Points

Halfway through the minute of searing one side, rotate the steak 90 degrees. You’ll get a diamond grill pattern that looks cool. This will certainly give you the highly desired admiration of your peers.

Also, don't call "grilling" "BBQ." This will start arguments with people that enjoy ranting about pointless nonsense (like me). BBQ is low and slow with indirect heat. Grilling is hot and fast with direct heat.


Community Feedback

“… but a sous vide cooks my steaks perfectly!” – Stanley S.
That's neat. Wanna high five?

“… have you tried the ___ method? Blah blah something blah steak blah.” – George N.
Yes, and you’re wrong.

“… Eww! Medium rare is gross to the max! I only eat steak super well done!” – Pamela F.
Go away.

“… but have you tried a RibEye? They’re far superior to a New York Strip!” – Harvey B.
The RibEye cap cooks differently than the rest of the cut. If not separated, the cap takes on a beef stew meat consistency that I don’t care for. However, every cut has their own qualities, so you get what makes you happy.