Ice Skating

We took the kids to a birthday party at a SJ Sharks ice skating rink last night. I haven’t skated on ice in nearly a decade, and the kids haven’t ever. They have been practicing on regular skates around the inside of the house and naturally picked up ice skating real quick. My son, who usually lacks confidence in things, picked it up incredibly fast and had no issue leaving me and my daughter in the dust.

The party had pizza (made by the snack bar) and lemonade, which wasn’t bad. Although, the kids at the party felt it necessary to touch all of them throughout before grabbing the perfect slice. We ate a few and hit the ice shortly after.

Immediately I knew something wasn’t right… I got on the ice and my heart rate was unusually high. Maybe just excited / nervous to be skating again. As soon as we started moving, my heart kept missing every other beat. It felt like someone was punching me in the chest repeatedly. I didn’t want to let my kids know something was wrong, so I pushed through. After a few laps around the rink, this was getting scary. I let my kids go ahead of me and stood holding the wall far behind. I messaged my wife, “Something is wrong. I’m going to sit down.”

As long as I was sitting, my heart had no issue. Standing up was another story.

We had ~30 minutes remaining on our rink time, and I didn’t want to disappoint my kids, so I pushed through again. As soon as I stood up, a big burp came out and I started to feel better. Maybe I’m lactose intolerant now and the gas from the cheese was pushing on my Vagus Nerve. Who knows? I had been feeling crappy all week from other medical issues, and this is just one more thing to figure out.