Tron Lights

Transform your room with smart, mood-setting RGB lighting.

Mario Kitchen

Super Mario Brothers level 1-1

Custom PacMan Phone Case

Fusing nostalgia with modernity.

DIY Python Stock Tracker

A simple Python tool for self-hosted stock portfolio tracking.

Kid's Custom Butcher Block Desk

A kid version of daddy's desk.

A New Battle

Wish me luck!

Smart Meeting Sign

... with a bonus feature!

Cap'n Helmet

There's only one Cap!

Custom LED Christmas Tree

This post was 100% written by an early AI.

Custom Butcher Block Desk

Not nearly as cool as a cardboard leprechaun trap, but it gets the job done.

Homemade Pastrami

Sammiches for days!

Pac-Man Neon Signs

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a love for neon signs.

Hwang In-ho

This year's Halloween mask was rushed, but came out decent.


I only made the handle - not the blade.

3D Cutting Board

New hardwood cutting board to surprise my wife.

Phone Mount

Helps to avoid using the failed Android Auto.


A perfect opportunity to learn about gardening!

Giant Ruler - Part Deux

Two kids = two rulers.

Custom Wahl Clipper Guards

I ain't no filthy hippy.

Superhero Shelves

A place to put the kid's daddy lights.

The Great Pumpkin

Modernized an old Halloween decoration.

LED Wall Light

I'm proud to have it light up the corner of our panic room.

Mandalorian Super Commando

This year's Halloween mask

Mahogany Cake Knife

Great use of leftover hardwood cutoffs.

Reversible Lego Table

The last pic of that perfect maple top before the kids destroy it.

Magic Dashboard

Needed a clock. so I did what any other nerd would do!

One Glance Lamp

Just one look to know your day.

Kid Wake Up Light

A go / no-go light for my son to wake up to.

Building a NAS

Let's build a mini data center!

Electric Penny Board

This thing hauls ass!


Turn an ordinary air compressor and some play sand into an etching machine.

Iron Patriot & Arc Reactor!

This year's Halloween costume!

Cap'n Frisbee Shield

My son loves Captain America and he desperately needed a proper shield.

My First Penny Clone

Now that I’m much more comfortable on a proper board, this penny sized version will attach to my backpack for work and travel.

Personalized Metroid (NES) Code

If I knew this code was a thing, my life on the playground 25 years ago would have been entirely different.

Knife Sharpening

Easily the sharpest and scariest knives I’ve ever used.

Fresh Ground Burgers

There’s no going back now…

Baby Mario Mobile w/MP3

Our kids love this thing! It makes their nerdy dad happy too!

Cutting Board

One of my very first woodworking projects.

Replacement Shed Door

The original shed door was held together with paint and rat shit.

Giant Ruler

So the kids can hang on to their memories – even after they get bigger.

Plywood Pumpkin w/Arduino

I got tired of throwing out pumpkins every year.

Post Apocalyptic Halloween Mask

3D printing and Arduinos are fun to play with!

Phone & Watch Charging Stand

Wife desperately needed some charging cable organization.

Night Light w/Arduino

Had some extra Arduinos laying around and my son needed a night light. Now it looks like a rave from outside the house!

Comfy Bench

Needed a place to sit and play the Barcade.

Maple Veneer Skateboard

Making a skateboard was surprisingly quick and easy.


Like many other things I see on the internet, this was a must try.

Scrap Bench

Wife wanted a bench for poolside, so I made a bench.

Mahogany Picture Frames

I’m now an official graduate of Woodworking 101.

Arcade 1UP with Raspberry Pi Mod

Quickly fell in love with these machines!

Mini NES with USB

Pretty sure this project motivated purchasing a 3d printer.

Raspberry Pi Zero Gameboy

Playing the games from your childhood on a system you love.

Kid’s Montessori Bed

My son is quickly growing up.

Retro Barcade

Ever since I was a kid, one of my dreams was to have an arcade machine at home.

Kids Water, Sand, and Picnic Table

This was one pretty straight forward but is a huge hit with my son and in-law’s family.

Learning to Skateboard

After recently watching Hak5 Darren travel around Oakland on a small electric skateboard, I instantly wanted to learn how.