Getting Old is Bullshit

After reaching the ripe old age of 40+, things clearly don’t want to work anymore. Waking up is a daily reminder of our own mortality when something ‘feels off’ or a random painful body part reminds you that it’s still there.

Last Friday, despite my history of medical issues, things were feelin’ pretty decent. There was no discomfort or pain holding me back from having fun and playing with my kids. However, that feeling didn’t last too long. Turns out that lifting my daughter was just enough to throw out my back, neck, and left shoulder. The pain from this kept me laid out all weekend with only movies to entertain me. If you noticed the influx of new movie reviews, well that’s because I was drugged up and laying flat the whole time.

I sure do miss the days of being 20, but maybe that’s why my body is the way it is. Oh well…