Ghost > Hugo

Playing around with the layout and converting from backups. This has been a fun exercise in preparation and problem solving.

The main Ghost CMS docker container failed hard. I tried to bring the container back up, but the persistent volume with all my data was causing issues. I spent time going back to earlier versions of Ghost to see if there was an update that had a compatibility conflict, but unfortunately nothing worked.

Evidently Ghost saves posts in both a ghost.db and dated JSON files. The JSON files only went up to 2022 and didn’t contain any new posts.

The below command will output the database in a semi-readable format, but that process still took me many hours to recover as much as possible.

sqlite3 -column -header ghost.db “select * from posts”

So now I’m onto trying a new platform - Hugo. It’s a static site generator that has zero processing on the server side. All the files are flat html and are parsed in markdown on my end. It appears that Hugo is also infinitely customizable, so this will no doubt be another never ending project.