I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want everything connected. People frequently discuss how much better things could be if only all their systems were interconnected.

Yesterday, Dave2D was discussing AI on the Rabbit R1. His argument was that the device should be a phone app, but it is a separate device because either Google or Apple would control it. Having an Apple or Google AI on the phone is the exact opposite of anything I would be interested in. In fact, I’m getting really close to not having a smartphone at all. It just feels like every time the screen is unlocked, there are millions of eyes looking at everything on there. Why would I want a device like that to also have AI access my contacts, calendar, and web experience?

I’m very happy not relying on one company to maintain all my personal data. Google software hasn’t been on my phone for quite some time, and there’s absolutely zero reason to go back. My dream device would be an iPod with Signal and open-source maps. It would be small with one, low-quality camera on the back. No more, no less.