Arcade 1UP with Raspberry Pi Mod

Arcade 1UP with Mods!



The Arcade 1UP machines are incredibly well put together for as inexpensive as they are. I picked my Street Fighter 2 box for $200 on sale during the holidays, but it is still worth it for the $300 MSRP.

First thing I did after assembly was order a replacement LCD > HDMI controller, some replacement arcade buttons, and an audio amplifier. All other parts used in this particular build were leftover from other projects, so the above list is only reference to get you started.

Arcade 1UP with Mods!

The six button layout for the Street Fighter 2 box is perfect for playing games, but it needed some additional buttons for exiting games and adding additional coins for each player. A 1 1/8" forstner bit made quick work of the top game and back panel to add in reset / coin buttons. The reset buttons needed to have some wires soldered to extend their reach to the USB encoders.

All things considered, this build only took about 4 hours of real work plus a few hours to think "wtf am I going to do here?" I highly recommend building one for yourself – especially if you have kids!

Arcade 1UP with Mods!

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