Phone & Watch Charging Stand

Charging Stand


  • Wood
  • Phone and Watch Charging Cables
  • Oscillating Belt Sander
  • Drill Press or Hand Held Drill with Bits
  • Wood Glue


My wife currently has a Pixel2 XL and a Pebble Time (i.e. the best damn smart watch ever), and her nightstand is a mess of cables and baby stuff. Control can be had with some clever woodworking skillz. Original idea from Bob [] (he likes to make stuff).


Leftover mohogany and a handcarved maple heart inlay completed the look. All I had on hand were 1x scraps that needed glue up for thickness. Not having a lathe poses a challenge to making things round, but this was accomplished with time and patience on the oscillating belt sander – using a roll of duct tape to get a circular reference. The channels used for wiring were plunged with a router straight bit.

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