Giant Ruler - Part Deux

Giant Ruler 2


Just like the original ruler. We needed a second measuring stick for our second kid.

Giant Ruler 2


This build was nearly identical to the original. I even used the same router template and bits. However, one of the router bits snapped off halfway through the build and nearly embedded itself into the nearby chalkboard painted drywall. Safety first children!

This one is made in white oak and has a few chips taken out from chiseling and routing the characters. However, you won’t see them unless you’re specifically looking for issues. Although you may notice that it only goes up to a height of 5'6". That wasn’t intentional. That was simply me counting incorrectly and rushing through at the start. Thankfully her mother isn’t taller than 5'6", so there’s very little chance she’ll outgrow this. Also since white oak is heavy, losing that 6" helped out by taking some weight off. So we’ll count that as a positive.

Right now it’s sitting under the Christmas tree and waiting for her to “unwrap” it tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas everyone!

Giant Ruler 2

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