Custom PacMan Phone Case

Phone Case

In the midst of my Christmas 3D printing spree, I decided to design a new phone case for my Pixel 4, inspired by my love for classic gaming, particularly Pac-Man.

The journey involved multiple tools: Photoshop, Inkscape, Fusion360, and a slicer. The key steps were creating the design, desaturating it, converting to SVG, importing and extruding in Fusion360, and finally assembling the components into G-code.

The case base is printed in a carbon fiber filament, giving it a sleek, durable feel. The Pac-Man and ghosts are in different colors, providing a striking contrast against the carbon fiber background.

While the initial setup and learning curve across different applications was complicated, it quickly became more intuitive with practice. This experience paves the way for more complex and visually striking projects in the future.

Phone Case

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