Raspberry Pi Zero Gameboy


While in the hospital waiting for our first born, I stumbled across a post by a guy called Wermy that crammed a Raspberry Pi into an original GameBoy “DMG” case. His project has since become a huge community of modders and makers – most of which can be found on his site SudoMod.



I started this project two years ago grabbing random boards and seeing if they could work together. The screen is a low resolution back up camera screen from AdaFruit that required some tweaks to get running from 5v. The image is generated from a combination of a Basic-Stamp microcontroller that converts input into keyboard button presses, and a Raspberry Pi Zero that runs a Linux distro and pushes analog audio / video.

My first attempt (the really neat looking orange GameBoy) was a learning experience. Drilling the additional holes for X+Y was done with a Dremel “drill press” and didn’t come out 100% perfect. Using a step bit would have been much smarter. I originally cut and glued some old credit cards to match the shape of the buttons, but then later 3D printed button wells that made life much easier. The black GameBoy was put together with Kite’s AIO board and was almost too easy to assemble.



It’s an incredibly fun and rewarding project that I highly recommend.

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