Kids Water, Sand, and Picnic Table

Table Assembled


The plan was to build a multi-use table that could use plastic bins for different play mechanics. One bin holds water and toys and another with clean, fine grain sand. When the bins are not in use, there is an insert that lays on top to convert it into a kids picnic table during backyard BBQs and get togethers.

Table Assembled


The table is made entirely of leftover pine from other projects. I believe the seats are 1x8s and the rest are trimmed 1x6s. I chamfered all the visible edges to give it a clean and consistent look.

Table Assembled

Lessons Learned

The only issue is that I wouldn’t trust the seats to hold much weight larger than a child. However, they’ve had three kids sitting on them at once, so I’m not worried unless an adult plops on it.

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