TL;DR: Don’t bother.

Nicolas Cage’s films can be hit or miss. I was surprised by movies like Dream Scenario, Prisoners of Ghostland, and Willy’s Wonderland, but Arcadian was a significant disappointment. Nonetheless, we should all be thankful that we’ve moved past his National Treasure / Wicker Man / Ghost Rider phase.

The film is set in yet another post-apocalyptic world where people are confined to their homes after dark due to dangerous creatures that are sensitive to light. The citizens of Earth live in perpetual fear and must constantly scavenge for survival. We eventually catch a glimpse of these creatures, leading to a hilariously bad battle during the climax.

I found myself uninvested in any of the characters beyond their one-dimensional traits. There’s the strong, protective father with a difficult past, a clever kid, and another less intelligent but risk-taking kid. The adventurous kid ends up lost in the woods, forcing the father to rescue him, and both kids eventually join forces to combat the baddies. It’s essentially a blend of The Happening and Cloverfield, but lacking any genuine excitement or redeeming qualities.

Rating: ⭐


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