It’s a sad thing when an action / spy thriller, that stars both Sam Rockwell and Henry Cavill, can fall so flat on its face. There is absolutely nothing appealing about this movie from start to near-finish. This thing was one of the biggest wastes of time I’ve spent watching a film, and that includes that abysmal piece of garbage “Assassin’s Creed.”

The idea is absolutely solid. A woman that is a spy thriller author, suddenly swept away in a world that she only knows through the text on her Apple iDevices. Nothing is as it seems, everyone is a potential enemy, and plot twists are abundant.

It’s a perfect example of no matter how much money or acting talent you throw at a project like this, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be worth anyone’s time. I honestly can’t believe I sat through an hour and a half of it. There are moments where my body physically cringed and nearly caused a gag reflex.

Please don’t watch this.

Rating: ⭐


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