Jumani (1995)

Despite all the hate this movie typically receives, Jumanji always brings me back to a simpler time in our lives. It was when CG wasn’t quite real-looking, but we didn’t care. If it was on the screen, it was real to us. The quality wasn’t 8K, 4K, or even any K. It was just on a large screen with big, eardrum-blowing THX speakers. If you were lucky enough to gather some cash and a ride to the theater, you and your friends were going to have a great day playing arcades, filling up on popcorn, then watching a movie that most certainly featured rampaging elephants and scary crocodiles.

This isn’t your mom’s three-hour Titanic movie. It certainly isn’t going to win a billion awards like Schindler’s List. Hell, it’s probably not going to be a better Robin Williams movie than Aladdin or Mrs. Doubtfire. But that doesn’t matter. It’s stupid fun, and that’s all you care about. That’s why I like this movie. That feeling hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years.

My kids and I host a ‘Video Game & Movie Night’ every weekend, and tonight, the robot selected Jumanji. They found the scenes with the mosquitoes and the lion a bit too scary, but overall, it was a fun experience. They especially enjoyed the chaos caused by the freaky-looking monkeys.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Jumani (1995)

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