Sweet Dreams

I really wanted to like this movie. How can you go wrong with Johnny Knoxville bringing stupid fun as the lead role in a loser baseball movie? Bad News Bears meets Jackass was expected, but instead we got a slow, uneventful, unfunny, mediocre 2020+ film. It felt like a neutered Beer League, Dodgeball, or even something less comedic like Goon. It certainly didn’t hit the level of the greats like Major League, Kingpin, or BASEketball.

Sweet Dreams follows the story of a guy that can’t handle his liquor and acts like an irresponsible asshole that typically ends his nights blacked out. One evening he goes too far and is sentenced to live in a halfway house. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a house ran by counselors that keep the residents clean and sober, while they earn back rights and eventually become responsible members of society. Johnny’s character, whose name I honestly forget, becomes the coach of their softball team. Eventually the softball team wins. The end.

Skip it and re-watch Major League instead.

Rating: ⭐

Sweet Dreams

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