The Negotiator

I’ve been on a classic movie kick lately, and this popped up on my server radar.

The Negotiator follows a well-respected Chicago Police negotiator with many years of experience under his belt. Despite his numerous accomodations for successful hostage rescues, sudden accusations of homicide throw his life in a downward spiral. His peers quickly turn against him, he loses his badge, and he is now facing years in prison. Jackson takes an opportunity to meet his accuser, but the conversation quickly turns violent and he finds himself as the man with a gun in a hostage negotiation.

Chicago PD work to get the hostages released, but being a seasoned negotiator himself, Jackson controls the situation. The story plays out in a mess of dirty cops and bluffs, where he is unable to trust anyone.

A fantastic movie worth a rewatch, even though it’s 26 years old.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Negotiator

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