412 bruh

I thought we all agreed that wine sommeliers were absolute nonsense. But instead of the idea naturally disappearing, it scaled into every market needing pretentious over-analysis. Now, even weed gets this treatment, with descriptions that sound like they’re ripped from a romance novel.

Her petals delicately dropped down past my silky lips, while her essence tingled not only my tongue, but my sensitive inner being.

It’s just weed. You smoke it to get high. Let’s tone it down.

At this rate, high-end restaurants might start saying things like, “I recommend pairing tonight’s Coq au Vin with O-G Diesel MF. Just two hits from the Platinum Bong, with its piney and spicy notes, will enhance our Merlot mushroom reduction beautifully. It’ll add fruity undertones and awaken your palate.”