Cheat Meals

I’ve never understood the idea of “cheat meals.” You’re working toward a goal, like weight loss, and others convince you that you simply “can’t eat healthy all the time.” That’s nonsense. Not only did you set your goal and push yourself to stick to it, but you’re giving yourself an out to be lazy and half-ass your committment.

Can’t exists only as a scapegoat - something that you can blame your slow progress or your lack of will on.

“I tried to lose weight, but I can’t.”

“I tried to exercise, but I can’t.”

“I can’t eat healthy forever.”

“It’s too hard” is another one I hear a lot. If your committment is too difficult, back it off a little. Stop putting too much pressure on yourself. Weight loss and fitness isn’t a battle that can be won over a few weeks. For most, the committment is a lifelong journey. Set your goal further out and take it slower.

Eating better is 100% up to you. No one is forcing you to eat cheeseburgers for lunch every day. No one begged you to have an extra slice of cake, or any slice of cake for that matter. All of those decisions are yours and yours alone. Either do it or don’t.

Can’t is that voice in your head pushing you to quit. It allows you to give up when things get tough. Pretty sure I’m not the only runner whose brain says, “WTF are you doing? It’s cold, early, and we’re tired. Take your shoes off and go back to bed. Three miles today? Are you crazy? Let’s go have a big breakfast and relax instead.” We just do our best and tell that voice to shut the fuck up. We have things to do.