My YouTube Watchlist

Engineering & Tech

  • AvE: The most brilliant and engaging engineer on YouTube. He’s the genius other engineers go to when they need help.
  • Ben Heck Hacks: Ben Heck’s been on YouTube for ages. He’s a brilliant maker known for his unique builds. Famous for fixing the PlayStation/SNES prototype, debunking the Atari Dragster speed record, and making custom controllers for disabled kids.
  • Louis Rossmann: Louis is well-known for pushing the Right to Repair movement. Initially, he fixed Apple motherboards and talked about their design flaws, often highlighting how Apple blames customers for these issues.
  • Lawrence Systems: I initially got into Lawrence Systems to learn more about TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS). He talks all about networking and SMB storage, like PFSense, Ubiquity, and Unraid.


  • Ryan George: Best known for his Pitch Meeting videos, Ryan George’s main channel is equally hilarious.
  • Channel Awesome: Doug Walker, aka the Angry Video Game Nerd of movies, has been around forever. Despite raging at some of his opinions (like his Karate Kid review), he usually has a solid take on films.
  • Whang!: Whang talks about the internet’s craziest stories. His content reminds me of Martin Sargent’s work, like Infected.
  • Tommy G: Kinda like Hot Ones before it became mainstream and lame, Tommy G offers an unfiltered look behind the scenes, away from the influence of corporate bullshit.
  • It’s A Gundam: This guy calls out the hypocrisy and absurdity in current pop culture, in a hilarious manner.
  • Nerdrotic: Primarily anti-woke, Nerdrotic isn’t for fans of the new Star Wars direction or those who think pronouns matter. His short clips from his longer podcast are pretty spot on.
  • BakerXderek: Riding through San Bernardino’s ghetto on his collection of motorcycles, Derek’s adventures are real and sometimes ballsy, offering a perspective on life there.


  • Cinemassacre: Home of the Angry Video Game Nerd. James Rolfe’s retro gaming content is legendary. I can binge his videos, like the NES Accessories, non-stop.
  • Mike Matei: A staple in my home, Mike plays classic games on Twitch and YouTube, making for perfect background noise.
  • Real Civil Engineer: A former British Civil Engineer who plays design-based games, offering viewers a chance to learn about everything from city planning to bridge construction.
  • Let’s Game it Out: Josh makes gaming content that’s great for when you need to relax or have something on in the background.
  • Game Sack: As a retro gaming fan, Game Sack’s deep dives into hardware, mods, and unreleased games are very informative.
  • Modern Vintage Gamer: MVG, a coder and gamer, dives into the emulation scene, occasionally discussing the coding and legal aspects of console emulation.

Consumer Hardware

  • ETA Prime: Reviews on emulation hardware and tech that’s small, fast, and powerful.
  • Gamers Nexus: Think of it as Linus Tech Tips without the controversy and obnoxiously annoying host. It’s my go-to for learning about gaming hardware.
  • Dave 2D: Focuses mainly on laptops and phones. Not my usual go-to, but he’s interesting when he pops up in my feed.


Disclaimer: I'm anti-establishment, not Republican or Democrat. I also don't vote.

  • Jimmy Dore: Strongly left-leaning comedian who highlights all the flaws in the world. I caught one of his shows in San Jose, and it was every bit as entertaining as his usual content.
  • Breaking Points: Both right and left-leaning hosts that offer varied political perspectives, aiming for balanced discussion. I really enjoy when the main hosts discuss different perspectives on the same event.
  • Memology 101: Right-leaning channel that accurately points out Democratic hypocrisy, all in a concise, humorous short-form style.
  • Don’t Walk, Run! Productions: Right-leaning channel that critiques the current establishment with supporting data and video evidence, valuable even if you typically vote blue with blinders on.


  • Nobody Special Finance: Exposes government lies like the White House’s intentionally inflated employment numbers. He mostly provides daily stock market insights, while having a typically bearish outlook.
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