I saw this movie around its release and thought, “wow, I’ve got to learn how to count cards!” Like with any movie that pumps you up, though, that excitement didn’t stick, and soon I was back to my usual routine of watching YouTube and drinking whiskey.

The story centers on a brilliant MIT student who’s brought into a card counting team by Kevin Spacey. He’s hesitant at first, what with his morals and whatever, but he eventually realizes he needs money to live. The team racks up wins, celebrates through a long montage, but eventually, their arrogance leads to getting caught. They end up being chased by a casino security guy, played by Cowboy Curtis, and find themselves getting hammered on in the basement.

For those curious about the actual lifestyle behind card counting, check out Steven Bridges on YouTube. He’s what you’d call a “professional” card counter, sneaking a hidden camera to capture his crew’s wins and losses, discussing the legalities, and showing what it’s like when getting caught.

As for this movie from 2008, it’s okay, nothing special. I’d suggest watching Steven Bridges for a more genuine and entertaining look into that lifestyle.

Rating: ⭐⭐


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