Custom Wahl Clipper Guards

Clipper Guards


Another make that I didn’t post. Now I’m curious what else is in my closet that was never talked about on here…

So… when this lockdown began, my hair started to get really long. Having long hair is honestly one of the worst things ever, so there were really only two options available: shave my head bald and look like I was in Basic Training again or learn how to cut my hair to try and look like a normal human being. I’m clearly not the first person to have this thought because all known clippers on Amazon spiked in price 500%, and any hair cutting tools you could find were made for rodents.

This is where Fusion360 and some calipers can come in handy.


Measure, place body, extrude, repeat. This was done until the object resembled a proper clipper guard. Printing the first prototype took a couple hours, so it was easy to test fit and see what needed tweaking. After around four tries, it was spot on.

When it came time to tweak the model again later on, my Fusion360 personal license had expired - taking the original model with it. So today I had fun learning how to import models and modify them. Let that be a lesson to you. Always save and backup your originals.

My models are on the newly redesigned, but never working properly Thingiverse. When they come back up, I’ll add links to the post there. [Edit] Here you go: link.

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