Superhero Shelves

Superhero Shelves


These were made a while back but I never got around to making a post about ’em. My son and daughter needed a place to put their daddy lights Wake Up Light, Night Light and the Indiana Jones floor traps that resemble kid’s toys clearly offer no additional space. Given that we have a 3D printer and woodworking tools, it was an easy problem to fix.


There’s always scrap wood sitting in the shed, so all the actual shelf took was some measurements to see what dimensions were needed and a router + saw to make it so.

The shelf brackets were designed with my son’s favorite thing of the year - The Avengers. The shelf pictured above was done with Hulk’s strength holding up the bears and the one below is Spiderman’s logo. They were traced out to .svg in Inkscape and imported into Fusion360. From there it’s trivial to print them out in white PETg to match the walls and peg a few screws into shelf for mounting.


My kids love the shelves and the lights make the room look much more comfortable. They generally sleep through the night because they believe the bears are watching over them, but it’s partially from the lights replacing complete darkness with a nice hue.

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