Cap'n Frisbee Shield

Cap’n Shiled

My son absolutely loves Captain America and the Avengers. On a typical day, you could see him carrying something Marvel related around the house while he constantly talks about IronMan and Hulk catching bad guys. So given that Halloween is right around the corner, it was the perfect time to make something quick that I know he would love!


My son had an old frisbee lying around that he would pretend to use as the hero’s shield. My wife helped out by adding duct tape to the back for a makeshift handle. It was cute, but needed significant improvement.

Quickly I learned how terrible making exact circles freehand can be, so I turned to the 3d printer and a micrometer for some proper stencils. The stencil files are on Thingiverse to download if you also want to try it out.

This project took maybe 10 minutes of actual work, but required hours of patience while waiting for the paint to dry. If you look closer at the silver star, you can almost see the profanities when tape met wet paint.

This turned out great and made a little Marvel fan very happy.

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