Batman sucks, but this dude is pretty cool!


A new tradition of mine is to build a Halloween costume every year. I enjoy showing off multiple methods of makery into one cool project. This year is 3D printing and a method of painting called hydrodipping. There are quite a few YouTube tutorials on how to do it, so I’ll only briefly describe my experience.

Batman sucks, but this dude is pretty cool!


I found this DeathStroke mask on Thingiverse and decided to give it a go. The character is new to me, but since he wants to kill that dumbass Batman, I’m 100% on his side. As per usual, I didn’t take the advice of the designer and up the size 10%, so the original red version in the pictures didn’t fit. I had to enlarge it and try again. That’s why you see one that’s a baby blue. Some super glue, bondo, filler primer, and a bit of gloss paint later, it was ready for some dippin’ paints.

Batman sucks, but this dude is pretty cool!


  • Go slow
  • Practice a lot before doing anything important
  • Don’t let the paint sit too long (2 minutes tops) before applying
  • Use latex gloves
  • Hot glue handles to the pieces for better control
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