Ricky Stanicky

I don’t necessarily recommend this movie to anyone that’s not on a date or super high. It’s a fun watch, but it’s incredibly generic and “rude” for modern audiences. It’s also very clear they’re needing to hit the mandatory Oscar checkboxes for diversity. Not that this movie is by any means going to receive an Oscar, but I doubt they wanted to intentionally remove themselves from the possibility or get flamed on Twitter by angry blue hairs.

The movie centers around three friends that made up a fake friend (Ricky Stanicky), and used him as a frequent scapegoat to stay out of trouble. This pattern continued through to their adult life. They eventually get caught in the ruse and needed someone to play the part of Ricky. Enter John Cena and his crass world perpsective and numerous addictions.

Eventually Cena finds his niche, becomes a necessary part in everyone’s lives, chaotic humor ensues, and everyone lives happily ever after. Fairly straight-forward and forgettable, but entertaining for 108 minutes.

It’s interesting what is classified as an R-rating nowadays.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Ricky Stanicky

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