Road House (2024)

Patrick Swayze’s Road House (1989) and Point Break (1991) were iconic films of my childhood. They’re very well known for their quotable lines and rewatchability. My friends and I are skeptical of new Hollywood remakes, viewing them as cash grabs that serve only to fill the never-ending dark void of entertainment we’re currently finding ourselves in. Needless to say, I was apprehensive going into the Road House remake.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s body was impressive; he was in amazing shape, convincingly playing a former UFC fighter, despite being my age but looking a decade younger.

The remake turned out to to be a fun watch. It follows the life of a down-on-his-luck MMA fighter who becomes a bouncer at a Florida bar. The film features expectedly over-the-top villains and a random love interest, all wrapped in engaging fight scenes.

However, Conor McGregor’s performance felt out of place, with his voice, demeanor, and overall presence. Despite this, the fight scenes were well-executed, but obviously choreographed. At least it wasn’t as nearly bad as the fighting in Creed 3.

Well worth your time despite being another unoriginal Hollywood remake.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Road House (2024)

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