Anyone But You

Yes: Sydney Sweeney has a hot body.

No: she cannot act.

Everyone in this movie is incredibly good looking, but the acting and script are so poor that it leaves little to be entertaining.

Normally I dig the typical RomCom when it has two decent actors that convince you to care about them. The Proposal with Bullock and Reynolds, The Ugly Truth with 300 and the swimmer, and even Failure to Launch with tanboy and Mr. Ed. They all follow a similar pattern. Boy and girl meet, they like each other, they hate each other, they briefly like each other but some random circumstance pushes them away, and just when they may fall into the arms of another… BAM! They end up happily ever after to the relief of the audience.

This one takes that script but makes it appealing to “modern audiences” and loses sight of any reason to care about the main characters. Sydney Sweeney is such a one-note nothing, that I wished the male character would have ended up with the hot Australian girl.

Only watch this if you sweat estrogen.

Rating: ⭐⭐

Anyone But You

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